All your games in one place

With GamesBoard for PC:

  • Launch all your games and gaming platforms.
  • Organize your game collection.
  • Personalize the interface.

Enjoy all your games

GamesBoard is a PC application to launch all your games:

  • Launch a game by clicking on it’s box.
  • Move from board to board by scrolling the mouse.
  • Sort your games by name, platform, install date, last play date, plays count, favorite or custom.

Masterize your collection

Each game has a file where you can find the name, the group, the platform

You can modify the picture and set the started game file.

You can also add tags to your games to indicate it’s genre or any useful information.

All your platforms

Your gaming platforms are all accessible in a dedicated collection.

GamesBoard detects the following platforms:

  • Bethesda.Net
  • Blizzard
  • Epic Games
  • GOG Galaxy
  • Origin
  • Rockstar Games
  • Steam
  • Uplay

You can also add new platforms.

All your collections

GamesBoard can handle any type of file : music, videos, documents, pictures, or links.

Set the reader and it’s options in the settings and select your files.

Customizable space

Your gaming room is entirely customizable : the room, the board, the box and the cover

the number of boxes per board.

This space is yours