Guide Elli on her journey through the land of the Mandragora to reclaim the stolen Crystals of Time before her birthday is over, in this colourful puzzle platformer for the Nintendo Switch!

  • A whimsical hand-crafted single-player adventure filled with a variety of puzzles and exciting platforming.
  • Watch your step, there are many dangers to overcome!
  • Discover a delightful world, inhabited by the playful and usually helpful Mandragora.
  • Journey from lavish beaches, through ancient temples, mountain tops and caverns filled with forgotten Mandragora technology, and more.
  • Unreal Dev Grant recipient.
  • A vast and ever-changing soundtrack, beautifully blending the themes of the world and underscoring Elli ́s adventure.
  • Collect gems and and deviously hidden coins and exchange them for a variety of robes, staffs and hats.
  • Simple pick up and play controls, suitable for kids and big kids.


Elli website
Elli (nintendo.com)