Gran Turismo 5
Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel

AUTOart has released a 1:18 diecast model of the Sebastian Vettel Red Bull X2010 which features in the Gran Turismo 5 computer game.

The X2010, or X1 as it used to be known, was designed by Red Bull's technical director Adrian Newey. It's theoretically what an F1 car would look like, if there were no rules or regulations.

It is powered by a gas turbine engine that produces 1,483 bhp; weighs 549 kg, and has a top speed of 249 mph. Newey also included fan car technology, a bit like the Brabham BT46B 'fan car'.

This allows the X2010 to generate constant downforce, regardless of the car's speed. This version with the Red Bull livery is a replica of the X2010 that Sebastian Vettel used for a virtual shakedown around the Suzuka circuit.

AUTOart's 1:18 Signature Collection Red Bull X2010 replica looks truly spectacular.

It comes with working steering, and you can also open up the cockpit canopy.

We love the fact that you can see through every louvre on the model: the exhaust tip is made of real metal and, underneath, the two fan vents have been recreated as well.

AUTOart has taken a vehicle from the virtual world and turned it into a reality: that's some achievement.

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