LA Cops

LA Cops is a fast, action packed 3D top down shooter set to a theme of 70s Cops in LA trying to do a tough job in a tough town.

A smart targeting system UI allows, you, the player to position your cops tactically whilst taking out the bad guys in real time.

The full game will include the following content:

  • 8 main levels & 5 optional levels. Each level is broken down into multiple sections totalling twenty overall.
  • 6 Cops to choose from each with their own attributes that can be upgraded with experience points during play.
  • Tactical play. Control 2 Cops at the same time!
  • 5 weapons to take out bad guys with including Pistols, Uzis, Shotguns, Assault Rifles & Grenade Launchers. – Destructible scenery
  • 9 cut scenes tell the story of these Cops.
  • Plus a Rock soundtrack that needs to be played loud!


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