Bridge Constructor Compilation

With the Bridge Constructor Compilation, the player takes on the role of a respected bridge construction engineer, architect, stunt driver, and an Aperture Science test lab assistant.

Bridge Constructor Portal:
Experience the world of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center from a whole new perspective. In “Bridge Constructor Portal” the player experiences the unique combination of the classic games “Portal” and “Bridge Constructor”. Work with gadgets such as portals and acceleration gels with their help a total of 60 tricky test chambers. In addition, you must defend yourself against dangerous turrets, acid pools and laser barriers – all under the watchful eye and the devastating mind of GLaDOS.

Bridge Constructor:
In Bridge Constructor, you will become an accomplished bridge builder even without a degree. The goal is to build bridges across deep valleys, canals or rivers in 64 different levels. Watch as cars, trucks and even tankers cross your constructions, or fall into the abyss when your bridges collapse due to excessive stress and physical laws.

Bridge Constructor Stunts:
Bridge Constructor Stunts challenges you to be both an engineer and a stunt driver. Build imposing ramps and loops to reach the goal of each level. Afterwards, you put yourself behind the wheel of the vehicles and maneuver them skillfully until the end of the course. Spectacular stunts and traces of devastation are an integral part of the versatile level selection.


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