Riverbond is a shoot-and-slash dungeon crawler where players can wreak havoc on a destructible voxel world by hacking enemies and the environment into tiny cubes.

The game offers solo adventuring, as well as drop-in / drop-out 4-player local co-op where players embark on a heroic campaign to rid the evil that has befallen the land.

In true dungeon crawling style, Riverbond takes players on a journey to battle monsters, find treasure and become the hero.

With fast and fluid controls for maximum action, Riverbond lets players choose their play style by letting them select from a bevy of melee and ranged weapons to fight quirky enemies, take down towering bosses and completely decimate everything in sight.


In addition, Riverbond features eight crossover skins from the following beloved indie games.

  • Raz Aquato – Psychonauts
  • Bullet Kin – Enter the Gungeon
  • Juan Aguacate – Guacamelee!
  • Demelza – Knights and Bikes
  • The Kid – Bastion
  • Shovel Knight – Shovel Knight
  • Lover Mu – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
  • Robot 05 – Planet of the Eyes


    Classic Action Adventure Gameplay – Riverbond features invigorating single-player and couch co-op campaigns filled with quests, combat and a heroic narrative.
    Intense Combat – Players can choose from over 50 melee and range weapons to dissect enemies and bosses into tiny cubes.
    Destructible Environments – Voxel environments with real-time physics lets players slash, smash and wreak havoc to the handcrafted worlds, leaving chaos in their wake.
    Cute Characters and Deadly Bosses – Riverbond has charming characters, unexpected allies, and battles with cute (but deadly!) bosses. Triumph over evil together in this epic voxel adventure!


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